One day Luka called Me, and he said to me, If I want to go to a road trip to Turkey and Georgia for one month and I said yes, why not? Also Lukas father joined us, so we had perfect shuttle bunny. We bought an old van and off we went to start our adventure, from Slovenia all the way to Georgia.

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We were impressed by the Turkish hospitality! People are so kind and helpful. We were invited daily to drink tea with locals, chatting as much as we could understand, and explain to them where Slovenia is.


For the first 14 days, we were kayaking in the North East of Turkey, by the Black Sea. First we paddled the Aksu River to the last gorge, which wasn’t paddle yet. We scouted the part of the gorge, but decided not to run, because water was to high to attempt it.
Then we paddled the small creek(Ekinci deresi), that comes to Aksu River. Little known Sabuncular deresi near Cayeli, and then we arrived to well known Firtina valley. We paddled all the sections from the castle gorge, Durak dere(also known as Tunca by the locals). And we had to go to slalom course(at the end of Firtina), because we were surprised that they have one. (but later we realized that they have two slalom courses).
After great water in Firtina valley, we went to Coruh River, which length is 438 km, but all we saw was a set of artificial lakes and allot of dams! There we paddled part of Barhal and Tortum River.

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Turkey is still amazing for kayaking, but they are building allot of dams, which are destroying nature and rivers! You can paddle there from April till late September. Most of the rivers that we paddled were steep, in the Canyon and fast, with a decent flow.

Stay tuned, next week will come part two – Georgia!

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