After a great whitewater experience in Turkey we went to Georgia. It was like a different world. The roads are bad, people are driving crazy, and you have to be careful for cows on the road. 4 wheel drive is strongly recommended. The pictures in the gallery show only a fraction of Georgia’s amazing nature and beautiful rivers! The rivers are suitable for any kind of whitewater paddlers and people are very kind and helpful.


The water levels were pretty high. We started kayaking in Adjara region. First we paddled the Kintrishi River, which was really magical, with crystal clear water and all the rhododendrons beside. Then we paddled a nice fast creek called Machakhlistskali and Chvanistskali. We also went to Bzhuzha River which offers different levels of difficulties, perfect for organising a race. It was held by Two Blades adventures and Georgian National kayaking federation. Matjaz finished up 8th , Luka was 11th with some misunderstanding, but it didn’t really matter, we had a great time there! After that we went to the capital city Tbilisi, which is an amazing old city. Later we went to the massive Rioni river and their side streams which were just great.


Georgia offers a lot of versatile and high-quality whitewater. From small crystal clear creeks to fast, high volume rivers. The best thing about it is the short distance between them. Or at least on the map… you can easily drive 20 km for 2 hours.


After 14 days of kayaking in Georgia, we wanted to sell our van there, and go back with a plane. It didn’t work out so easy, so we had to drive back to Slovenia and we made extra 3000 km.

Movie will come soon!

By: Matjaz Luzar



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