We started our trip in Montenegro where we met up with Andrej Bijuklič and later with ”toyota team” as we called them later on =) (Luka Reberšak, Blaž Stan, Filip Tomažič, Jan Bregar). We paddled Mrtvica and upper Morača. The water was low but we enjoyed it nevertheless. Matjaž lužar, Jakob Koren and Rok Rozman also came down south so it was like the whole Slovenian kayaking community went to MNE.

We slept somewhere before Nikšić the first night.
Mama siphon on Mrtvica

Later we went to Albania…. Nothing like i expected. The infrastructure is good (new roads), no trash as i expected. Even Skhoder is really nice and tidy (Balkan tidy not Swiss tidy =)).

Mercedes machine for Shala
Campspot on Shala
Nice little vilage where we slept at a local house in the Shala valley.
Urban on the Kir
Andrej on Cem’s labirinth
Bregar =)

In Albania we paddled Cem, Kir, Shala and Valbona. Shala is  half expedition kayaking since due to really bad roads (only bad road we drove) you have to rent a mercedes van to bring you there. Then you paddle for 3-4 hours and finish in a lake created by a huge dam. There you need to find a local fisherman to bring you to end of the lake where we left our cars. So in wholo Shala is a real adventure.

But if you only want to paddle Valbona is the place to be. 17 km of class 4 with occasional class 5 rapids.

Luka just run the rapid he didn’t even want to go and scout.
Jan on Valbona
Jan and Luka
Filip boofin the first drop on Valbona

With Urban we then went to Kosovo. Pećka bistrica has some amazing canyons wich we did not paddle. I guess the enthusiasm was not super high since we paddled for 12 days prior to that…. Well somethings have to be left for next time =)

Entrance to the lower canyon of Pećka bistrica
lower canyon of Pećka bistrica


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