Andrej, me and Luka went to Kyrgystan this September. we spent there around 17 days. After flying into Bishkek we immediatelly went for a warm up run on the Alamedin which is a easy class 3-4 run. Next day we continued to Chong Kemin. The river itself is a class 4 wit 1 more difficult rapid.

That day we lent the car to 2 Belgiums so they could make us a shuttle but instead they broke the fuel tank. hahah =) What can you do. 

We partially fixed that and continued on Big Naryn. Instead of kayaking 3 days we paddled 1.5 days and the same day we finnished the small Naryn as well. Fast and solid run. Big Naryn is mainly class 3, only 5 km of class 4-5.

It is better to only go on small Naryn and make some laps. Afterwards we continued to the forgotten valley of Arpa.

At the start we were not sure if we should go or not since the water was spread all over the valley. We went anyway and once the valley became a canyon we realised that there is more than enough water. Again instead of 3 days we paddled 1.5 days. We finished our trip with Kekemeren. Class 4+ read and run. Super fun. 

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