JanJan Praprotnik: Being 24 I am the oldest of the group and the smartest ;). In the recent years kayaking has become more like a way of life rather than a hobby. Currently I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia. But you never know on what adventure life takes you!”

Other: Kayak instructor; WW rescue licence; Bachelor Mechanical engineering; Masters in Robotics system and Control.


Matjaž LužarMatjaž Lužar:”I am younger than Jan, but I’m also 24. I was an Alpine skier for 15 year but then i realised that  Kayaking is better. My father told me that I became obsessed. Guess he was wright!:)”

Other: Skiing instructor, skiing trainer, snowboarding instructor, WW rescuer licence, raft and kayak guide. Faculty for Sports in Ljubljana.



Urban Bajrič: The youngest member, who is always ready to grab the camera and start shooting. Occasionally i brew a batch of beer =), but photography and filming is what i love.

Other: WW rescuer licence, raft and kayaking guide, Mechanical engineering